A poem by Julia R. DeStefano

“The Nine Muses — Calliope — The Muse of Epic Poetry” by Paul Vincenti

Goddess in the Doorway

I am the goddess in the doorway.

I am the air you need to breathe.

I am the lady in white

who wears red at night.

I am the queen of heart dreams

asleep and awake.

I am the bearer of restful slumber

long overdue.

A fantasy leapt from the page of a past life.

My secrets abound but must be earned.

I am Calliope invoked

by the lion to my lioness.

I wear a #2 on my breast for second chance

on the sidelines that hold me not.

My compass heart like the North Star.

I am the sun to your dark night of the soul

with a heat you’ve never known.

Warmth enough to envelop.

A moon that is always full.

A soul connection on high.

No absinthe required.

Because my love is a crystal river

of purity and truth.

Passionate yet serene.

With no end.

© Julia R. DeStefano

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